06 April 2017

Invisible Organisation

Dear y-Generation Professionals, Dear Millennials let me continue sharing further ingredients of my business life experience.

I know that some of you have already reached ages of upper thirties and are already occupying serious positions with a high degree of responsibility. Business structures are complex and what seems as a simple org chart from outside may not always appear to function identical as viewed from inside. Despite superior information systems, processes & work flows organisations are run through reliable personal encounters. Therefore engaging your customer to a purchase requires handing of intricate details of Invisible Organisation which in return would enable you to reach out to executive decision makers. As you travel the pathways leading to upper management circles let's examine who will capture your attention and what will their aspiration be like. Here are couple of light sources that would come in handy to help you see through in cases of obscurity.

Torch 1 : Foxes : Foxes are everywhere, they never stay at one location and are always on the move, gliding the organisations labirent. Just like in the wild foxes are voyagers, explorers, in search of food, in our case information that is related to interpersonal relationships within multiple disciplines. Foxes usually occupy lower management roles their trail is discoverable if you glance carefully, point your torch to common places where team members asamble to converse matters that are not related to business. Once you identify a FOX make sure that your approach is enveloped with kindness, since they would extremely be cautious before they submit to a reliable connection. Once you gain their confidence they will flood you with inside information. Please be discreet and prudent on how to capitalise the data, and never ever deceive your source. Foxes will assist you to locate next level the Influencer.

Torch 2 : The Influencer : Mighty influencer, wow how confident do they look. They are like Jaguars cool and ready to barge in to every engagement. They are the symbols of the organisation bursting with knowledge with a perfect solution to every query. Thus with the guidance of the Foxes analyse, classify Influener's ambition, appetite for success, passion, inclination and prospective career road map. Start with demonstrating your eagerness to contribute to enhancing their vulnerability. Do this with a subtle behaviour so that it comes naturally. Once they diagnose and distinguish you as an aide than you are on your way. Go for the decision maker.

Torch 3 : The Decision Maker : Now that you have the backing of the influencer who have already made up the story as his own and communicated, you will face less of a challenge. Decision makers are very keen to hear "What If" scenarios, therefore study all the risks and mitigation in detail, however design a simple benefit versus competition strategy. Dwelling into minute specifics you will easily lose your chance which you would probably will not be granted a second time. Your objective with the decision maker is to obtain an endorsement of your plan, don't try to push for a final conclusion, Once blessed than the rest is easy as the team will follow suit and you will obtain settlement of the deal.

Torch 4 : Finally as you gain experience through breaking the corporate code in search of distinction you have to conclude your own purpose and role. Convince yourself that you do not automatically fit into predetermined positions and keep your torch fully charged for an everlasting light source to shine your way day and night.

All the best in search distinction.