15 April 2024

Fintech - BaaS "Banking as a Service"

Finansal Teknolojiler, kavramsal tasarım olarak 2008 yılında başlayan gelişmesini ivmelenerek sürdürmektedir. Finansal krizin hemen sonrasında bankalara olan güvensizliğin tetiklemesi ile birlikte temelleri atılmıştır.

Düzenlemelerin izleyen dönemde kapsamlı olarak tanımlanmasının ardında teknolojinin önü bu kez bir finansal araç olarak açılmıştır. Hemen sonrasında kripto paraların 2009 yılından itibaren kullanıma girmesi ve  “block chain” destekli altyapının güvenliği sağlanması neticesinde Fintech ciddi bir seçenek olarak sektörde yerini almış ve pazarda tutunmuştur.

Fintech bağımlılığının artmasını sağlayacak, paydaşlarla iletişim aracı olan, akıllı telefonların yaygın sahiplenilmesi olmuştur. Sayısal Bankacılık uygulamalarının kullanım kolaylığı eşik değerini aşması sonucunda bankacılık hizmetleri servis olarak konumlandırılmaya geçiş yapmıştır. (BaaS).

10 April 2024

Turf & Proximity Clash - A Personal & Business Perspective

Here is a definition from “Cambridge Dictionary - the surface layer of land on which grass is growing, consisting of the grass and the soil in which its roots grow, or a piece of this that is cut from the ground and is usually rectangular”

In simple terms it is the size of space that is occupied as you live and work. We will take a closer look at these expressions from a corporate angle and try to understand why it mattered to have a larger territory. Also not forgetting how managers insisted on having their teams situated very close to center of power.

I remember the traditional days when managers were so keen to have larger and prestigious offices as they climbed up the executive stairs. Every single step mattered therefore it had to be marked with something that needed to be different. Income was invisible thus did not provide the means to reflect the true nature of success. Material aspects of achievement were prerequisites and were essential to distinguish titles.

Such desire could only be filled with a more powerful car to drive and a larger room to conduct business. It was like a mathematical formula area is equivalent to knowledge. This does not certainly mean that only those without proper credentials deserve and acquire promotions. It is just a correlation that comes up over and over again especially within the family businesses. A quick jump from Zero-to-Hero may have been the inclination with glamorous surroundings, however without decent craftsmanship results turn out to be a tragedy.

On the other hand well-structured and executed corporations placed emphasis to vocational training and the best person with cognitive capabilities gained access to reputable slots. Soft skills had played an essential part during the selection process. “EQ” emotional quotient has always been a key ingredient to be able to fulfil these awesome responsibilities. Recently “AQ” Adaptability, “DQ” Digital Quotients are being appreciated.

Physical Proximity of professionals to the leader was sought both by management in charge as well as their reporting lines. Those were the days when, just to be at eye sight, started Proximity Clash. I have always wondered why the Turf Clash were implanted repeatedly at the top of the agendas.