31 August 2020

Bilişim500 - Çevrimiçi 2020

Tiyatro bir sahne sanatıdır, oyuncuların yerinde gerçek mekân ve zamanda canlı olarak, yalnızca o anda seyredenler için ortaya koydukları bir gösteridir. Elbette tekrarı olacaktır, ancak her oyunun birbirinden farklı yanları olduğu hakikati de yaşanmaya devam edecektir.

Farklı çarpıcı bir örnek ile konumuzu sürdürelim, spor müsabakaları sahaya yansımasının ötesinde yerinde gerçek zamanda bir kez daha izlemesi mümkün olmayan neredeyse dokunarak duygulandığımız bir karşılaşmadır. Naklen yayın, yerinde izlemenin tadında kesinlikle olamayacak ancak ortamı iki boyutlu kendi rahatımızda hissetmemizi sağlayacaktır. Yayıncılık kuralları gerekliliği olarak içeriğin ulaştığı yerel mekânların tanımlı olduğunu hatırlayalım.

Gerçek ortamın, sanal ortam üzerinde eşitlenmesi ve canlı özdeşmesi de naklen yayın benzeri gibi düşünülebilir. Aradaki farklılık içeriğin IP dönüşümü neticesinde sanal dünyada küresel dağılımı ve erişimi olacaktır. İlave olarak görüntünün işlenmesi nedeniyle ekran deneyiminin çeşitliliği cazibe olarak izleyiciye yansıyacaktır. Adına Sanal veya Arttırılmış Gerçeklik (AR/VR) diyemeyeceğimiz yeni karışım, sanal ortamda sanal içerik ile gerçek içeriğin birlikte uyum ve görsellik ile yarattığı çekiciliğinin beğenisi olacaktır.

@bilişim500 etkinliği, çevrimiçi sanal ve gerçek içeriği son derece etkin harmanlaması ile birlikte seyir zevki yüksek, dikkat koşulları azalmayan, sürekli ilgi ile beslenen alanında ki ilk perde olarak hatırlanacaktır. Katılımcıları, değerli konuları kutluyorum @murat göçe ve ekibini gönülden tebrik ediyorum.

22 August 2020

Citizenship & Matrix PART 1

Dual – Triple Citizenship & Matrix Organisations

PART 1: What Went Wrong?

Have you ever wondered leaping out of current bearing and plummeting right into an immense galloping, dissimilar dimension where citizenship is related to managing businesses on line, seamless, timeless? Matrix structures, leader’s nightmare, softwired employees plugged-in yet owns decision making responsibility? Obviously it would be challenging to cover such a captivating topic with a concise article, follow on parts will be available.

Some of you may remember the good old days where corporations were based on silos of departments? Each crafts-person had a unique rectangular shape job definition, interfaces, relationships and communications were all pre-determined. Hierarchy, orderliness ruled all over. Strategy, vision, systems, processes, procedures, products were driven top down, no urgency, so not to worry just execute what needs to be achieved. You weren’t obliged to depend on any external function, reward for hard work rather than initiative. Long term projections, slowness was the name of the game.

14 August 2020

Age of Mentees

What would be the first thought that might emerge in front of your eyes if you hear those words above. Would it be experience v prentice or elder v younger may be teacher v student? İmplemented professionally Mentor Mentee process has served well to corporations in search of young talent for many years.

Timely reconsolidation and understanding challenges thus providing inside advice and guidance is what has captivated mentees’ cogitation.  Integration with HR recognition system has ensured potential capabilities to surface and empowerment enabled to follow proper career paths which will lead to personal as well as corporate welfare.

However things began to transform as internet steams, proceeds to grow as an equaliser in every aspect of life. Recently living, working, playing and learning has matured to be embraced in an online timeless proximity platform. I have addressed functionality of the platform in earlier articles.

Would this be a signal that would end Mentors role as a person of infinite wisdom and practise? Is mentees knowledge of conducting, navigating through the labyrinth becoming crispier? Whether consciously or by familiarity or by acquaintance mentees are able to deep dive right into immense data oceans and bring out the proper, correct results. Searching, for a minute needle in a hay stack, not only enhances observation skills, also improves differentiation effectiveness. Therefore as a result Mentees competencies evolve to identify whereabouts, thus enabling them as not only carriers or deliverer of packets of data but also being aware of the contents of the packages.

Well we have arrived at a discontinuity junction, it is a fundamental shift of a long lived successful paradigm. Mentees’ should now assume a new appearance and aspect to be ripened to reverse the course. İt is time for Mentors to be reformed and named as distinguished Mentees. I have a lot to learn from my junior colleges, and I don’t need to look no more they are all around me.

Age of the Mentees, moment is here, take your driver seat and ride through the mist. You already possess all the gadgets which you have mastered.

2020 08 14 Suat Baysan

08 August 2020

Rushing Out - Rushing In

  • Turkish folk poet and Sufi Mystic Yunus Emre once said
  • Kaç mevsim bekleyim daha kapında,
  • Ayağımda zincir, boynumda kement? 
  • Beni de, piştiğin belâ kabında,
  • O kadar kaynat ki, buhara benzet!

Rushing OUT Rushing IN

Enduring hardship, stretching beyond natural borders, operating at timeless, endless proximity, is this what you have been witnessing in your life over this period recently? I expect most answers to be yes. Feeling like floating in a work balloon being physically bound however virtually unbolted. Experiencing forces that are pulling you outward in all directions. Is this now the current reality does that sound familiar? Ambitions, energy were high back then, today trying to cope with burdensome situation is the new existence. Psychological pressure might be rendering you into frames, yet you must hang in there, inventing new approaches to your private and business life. Adaptation is not painless, nonetheless it is conceivable and attainable.

There will come a time when conditions, though slowly will improve. Nobody believes that the future scene will exactly be equivalent to near past. Changes will be in the air, like spring emerging from winter. Living through such an adventure, loneliness, inadequate virtual connections and friendship you may be tempted to jump to conclusions rapidly during this interim period.

Let me try to highlight why you need to take your time.