24 June 2020

Timeless Proximity Platform

We have always been in search of newness paste of which is interlinked, slowly crawling like a turtle or speeding like a rabbit. Lately life has given us a window to look through, see beyond the current events, think, how to redesign tomorrow.  It has not arrived at the best of time that we would have desired and preferred. Hardship, Lock Down, Isolation, became regular practises for a considerable duration.

Many of us had different ideas in mind, turn the misery to action take the opportunity to learn, to reinvent the way we communicate. İt was a struggle between acceptance of tradition and wait or confronting the new timeless proximity and accelerate.

Let me call this process a migration to an uncharted environment. The only tool that would be necessary is a ladder, advance the staircase one step at a time. Or would you rather consider taking a catapult and launch directly to this new timeless zone.

First of all the new landscape operates at a global bases where time is no longer linear. You could be attending a meeting thousands of kilometer away instantly. Like being teletransported right to the middle of a decision making process. Therefore there is no allocated time but rather a duration. Once one session completes next one commences in a different part of the globe. Thus making distantances obsolete, eliminating time factor.

Do you think this is as simple as it sounds, or will there be an inconsistency with the skill sets that you already possess. Experience reveals that a sense of uncomfort raises as one  floats from instance to instance. Probably it is easier to meet on line with those whom you have a previous personal contact.

The new platform is here to stay, time and proximity has disappeared forever. There will certainly be cases where reverting back to traditional methodologies are still valid. Where human interaction can never be replaced.

So far so good, we understand the critically of this journey, now the question is how to plan and achieve a successful exodus. Please do not assume the notion of business as usual and it does not matter how as long as the communications and relations continues. Open up your tool box check out the skill sets you have stored throughout your career. There you will notice four departments of knowledge, those you want to keep, those you need to reskill, those you need to upskill and most importantly those you have to unlearn.

Travel together, leaving your colleges behind is like climbing to a mountain peak alone. Understand the new environment it rules and regulations, prepare vividly. Finally this is no expedition, sailing or sight seeing, it is all about your new self projected meaningfully to the screen.

Persevere in learning, all the best, good luck, take care during these harsh times.