12 July 2020

Live & Live at Work

Recently I have been writing about timelessness and disappearance of distance due to new practices taking shape in our lives. I have called this occurrence as a discontinuity in the way we conduct our regular obligations. Whether we appreciate it or not adventure and migration will continue, ultimately establishing as a new habitude. Therefore not to be left behind we need to understand deeply the elements inspiring the march forward. These elements, may already be an implicit part of our talent. If not, inevitable acquisition of competence without hesitation vibrates at our ears and becomes a prerequisite.

Well that sounds fair doesn’t it? Let me raise a question that may challenge this posture. Is timelessness toppling life work balance? We have been so sensitive towards our family life and I am always in favour of a skewed preference to personal life.

Timelessness has placed us in a sphere of liquid which I may call as work. Out of blue work became a fluid dragging and splashing randomly like waves in an ocean. We seem to be living inside work since time and space in no longer at our control or rather at our desired choice of time. So be careful personal sphere has now been absorbed by work sphere. Please do not get lost in this wilderness, hunt for clues so that living won’t turn into a restless day and a nightmare.

What about the work sphere that is also becoming live, always online. Continuous live work is as if you are swimming in an endless pool. Nobody seems to appreciate others availability. Is this the final weakness we have been searching for in timelessness, may be so. Will there be restrictions, regulations of work sphere taking over private life. I guess not and there should not be any attempt to do so . Things will evolve like in nature, self-governance will take hold otherwise frustration can initiate cracks which could be irreversible.

So my dear friends, colleges, managers, please do not assume that every person is accessible, reachable, consistently nobody is at one’s disposal. Uncovering complexity and discovering convenience is your capability to hold on to your unrelinquishable resources.

Finally do not wait to stumble onto a coincidental resolution, living in a live work environment needs careful examination. I am certain that you have the right qualification to understand and act as a pathfinder.