12 November 1996

Nortel - Customer First Awards

Application to Nortel Customer First Award has been reviewed by the assessors. The internal competition is held on global basic. All Nortel subsidiaries and country offices are participating. The results will be presented to the judges on 15th Jan 1997. Netaş has submitted an excellent application and the feedback of the assessors are as follows.

Just can't wait for the results to announced in Monte Carlo.

1-Strengths in Leadership

    Internal & External involvement in TQM

    Creation of customer Intelligence culture

    Involvement with employees, customers, supplieres

    Strıng knowledgeable team

2-Policy & Strategy

    Formulation & deployment of business strategy

3-Financial Management

    Results positive 1996

    Crisis Management well in place

4-Process Management

    Identification & implementation weşş defined

5-Customer Satisfaction

6-Impact on Society

7-Customer Value Management

    Alignment of internal process metrix

    People management - critical resource identification

    Team alignment with business objectives

    Breath of reliable data for key products

Assessors also noted further comments such as: application document needs to be better written, every point should be aligned to overview, business scenarios and production should be linked to each other. There is more data available than presented. Comparison actuals with goals, competition and benchmark to be more clear.