23 July 2023

Sitting Duck - Story of DODO

Sitting Duck – The DODO Syndrome

Here is an explanation by “The Britannica Definitions”

“A person or thing that is easy to hit, attack, trick, etc. The tourists were sitting ducks for local thieves”

You might have guessed the topic of my article and what will I be talking about. Yes you are right, sharing corporate experience and shedding light to future advancements is my beloved handicraft.

Today the future may look gloomy as more and more of us are lagging behind the marathon. I have been visiting companies, entrepreneurs, technology parks throughout my career. Recently I have noticed a deterioration of energy in the executive teams. They appear to have a degradation in their positive attitude and behave dismal and display a somber face. Their common concern is the recognition of a bleak forthcoming.

-Why bleak you may wonder?

Understanding the approaching uncertainty and how to distinguish themselves from mainstream. Encountering these challenges are very serious. Sitting idle and waiting for the inevitable will not serve any purpose. Something has to be done what? and how? and when is the best time? Besides no adventure with the unknown technology is a precondition.

So let me tell you the story of the DODO bird. Once upon a time used to live in #Mauritius Island without the interaction of humans. There seems no reason why this bird ought to actualise wings. With no natural predator exposure, there was no need to fly and run away from imminent threat. Has extremely well adapted itself to the environment where food was plentiful. Hiding deep inside the marsh land protection was ample.

Fairy tale did not continue once the intervention has started in the 16th century. Conditions were starting to get burdensome. No longer cosy in the nest, was DODO. Hunting began without mercy. DODO did not really understand why? And where peril is emerging from. In bound domesticated animals also destroyed the habitat leaving no space for breeding. As a result this endemic species have gone extinct. Last siting was way back in 1662.

Sad story from which, we can simply deduce, never to take anything for granted. No matter how confident you may be in conveying a decisive message, shock waves are travelling in your direction.

Therefore it is inevitable and only a matter of time to collide with a stable wall. Sooner or later every activity will appear to function contradictory to general thought. Yet literally, substantial evidence exists which reveals that we are already residing inside this massive diversity. Look around, customers are revolutionising, product life cycles are shortening faster than ever. Richness in choice and variety are redefining market slices and so the preferences. Almost targeting a unique fabrication to each and every one of us.

Influenced by the power of media do you think we are rediscovering ourselves?

Hence please let’s not fool ourselves, waiting and hope is not a working strategy. Take a glance at the comments below stated frequently.

-We’ll wait until someone experiments and follow suit if the outcome is conclusive.
-Or rather we hope the wave will bypass our industry without damage.
-By the way our business model rests on an historical foundation. We are sound.
-Just wait our team will come up with something that is creative.
-Symptoms are not clear may be the wind will blow the other way.
-Adaptation will take time not to worry.

The vital question lies in the fact that, should you be a sitting duck, preferring the DODO syndrome. Business as usual leader… Or do you have the courage to take the reins in your own hands and alter the course.

The longer a traditional way of doing business lasts the more painful it is to face the reality of newness. I always wondered why the SME’s lack the power of embracing innovation. Customarily family members run subcontract tasks where smooth tagging along an established brand, determines success. This model represents a vast majority of trade throughout many countries. This approach barely enables founders to survive. No margin exists for inventions, new product designs. Productivity, efficiency and profits are dictated by the main contractor. Current human resources are busy with their routine day to day operations. Thus miracles should not be expected from them.

I cannot suggest an immediate empirical formula. So that once implemented overcomes in a flash the sitting duck malady. Destiny is not written or forecasted it is in our hands to design the future. Actually I strongly envisage that this not a process to be scared off. On the contrary calmness and composure of the mind is critical. You should not forget to have an enjoyable period no matter what. Smiling faces and laughter are great ingredients for lavish moments.

Beyond shadow of doubt, starting with acceptance of complicated reality is an ambitious acknowledgment. Sparing time, to learning and managing this awesome dilemma, is a prerequisite. Personally I will keep on bringing up the matter to your consideration. I will write suggestions that might divert your glare from the accustomed aisles for very short instances.  No more DODO you!

Best wishes.

As always I say in Turkish

İcrayı San’at Eyle.