10 March 2017

Climbing up the Leaderhip Tree

Dear y-Generation Professionals. As you struggle, challenge, and passionately pursue to climb up the ladder in a corporate environment let me share couple of hints that you may add to your knowledge purse.

Hinge 1 - As you climb up the tree, temperature starts plunging, defined as the lapse rate which is around 0.1 Degrees/100 Metres. Therefore make sure that you are prepared in terms of clothing to face and handle cooler atmospheric climate. Convert cold meeting rooms to fresh enjoyable habitat with positive energy.

Hinge 2 - As you climb up further and further branches of the tree will become tiner, tiner and fragile thus multiplying possibility of breaking under your weight.Therefore judge external conditions before you take the next step up, the weather needs to be correct thus manage your timing. Test alternative branches quietly and determine that this branch is not your final destination, before selecting and suspending yourself at the next level. Make sure that you lose weight and stay fit to be able to continue in search of your desire versus the corporation welfare.

Hinge 3 - As you climb up the more of your back will become visible and you will start feeling isolated. Make sure that you abide by proper integrity so that you are well covered and trusted. Always work as a team and have a rope connecting your team mates to each other. This will help in case a slip occurs when the team will hold on to you pull back to safety avoiding gravity.

Hinge 4 - As you climb atmospheric pressure start dropping and oxygen levels starts decreasing. These harsh conditions means that you have to take decisions on your own as the pressure lifts, however with the lack of oxygen your brain will have difficulty making conclusive determination. Therefore make sure that you have the correct apparatus and sustain your ability to comprehend. Keep on training, educating and taking care of your ability to envision the future.

Hinge 5 - As you climb up you need to understand how the tree that you intend to lead works. How the resin flows through the trunk and the branches and how do the leaves convert sun light to energy to power its internal system, Sales, Business Development, Partners. Figure out how the roots are organised under ground that draws water to combine with sun light to produce glucose. Corporate back office processes including HR, Finance, R&D, Procurement, IT.

Hinge 6 - As you climb up, recognise that you are the tree, reach out to the top, always remember the roots that keeps the tree from falling and resisting strong winds. you are floating in a system that will support you as long as you also take care of the tree that you belong. Help the tree to grow, sustain more of yous, make sure that the seeds are spread accurately to produce off springs so that others will be able to climb.

All the best and good luck.