02 May 2019

Transformation of Regulation with Digitilisation

13th International Electronic Communications Regulators Conference was held in Ankara at BTK (ICTA Turkey) head quarters. Title of this years conference is labeled as "Transformation of Regulation with Digitilisation"

Digital economy represents a mindset shift in the way businesses operate, therefore digitilisaton is seen as a necessary pre requsite for a boosting economy. Digitilisation is a fast forward speedy process, traditional products and services are bind to function under current regulatory framework. However present regulation approach, may slow down or even prevent development of new digital products and services.

Sharing econmony is considered to be at the centre of growth in sectors such as e-commerce, financial services, education, healthcare and so on. Thus regulation should extend to cover changes impacting these industries to cater for new professional services to evolve.

Above topics are discussed at panels representing regulators, telco operators, vendors, press, and profesionals. The two day event was well orginised with a high degree of participants.