15 February 2020

Time Value of Information

Can information have a shelf life?

Time is value, has been thought, over and over again in every management education course that I have attended. I strongly believe the statement, race for success has started with the birth of humanity. So why anything that matters has to create a substantial impact. The answer would rather be easy however complex to be understood. Simultaneous attempts by masses to create differentiation needs deeds to be redesigned every minute of the hour with an everlasting acceleration. Therefore never waste any moment to reinvent yourself and your business with a clear mind-set destined for transformation.

Let’s take a step forward to deduce that even though time ticks away at the same rate and duration ever since the big bang, so called time slots repeating themselves. These slots have to be filled with ever enlarging value, sometimes called as “snowball” effect or better still “flow rate” of water in a river.

Value is defined in numerous fashionable approaches on the internet, my interpretation is comparable with a distinct deviation, where value is the weight of total perception that a consumer places on a product or a service. How far one can stretch the distance from cost to price depends on purchased products contribution to the buyer’s balance sheet. This may be in the form of financial benefit as well as rescaling recognition or social status.
What would be a secret recipe to institutionalise unbroken consecutive originality and hence innovation. Here are two suggestions.

Information, was once upon a time scarce, rare, everlasting, slowly changing, yet bygone those days now, today information is abundant, short lived and almost as on line as one is on the internet. It is the moment to learn to track the right information out of a jungle of undesirable rubble, swiftly extracting relevant knowledge from a deep well. Nor forgetting the shelf life of retrieved information may have been obsolete at the moment of inception. It is estimated that initiation of new information exceeds that of consumption by a factor to the power of x, where x may be in the range of 50s or more.

Network, there are billions off similar information wells or fountains out there so discreteness matters, keeping abreast with technology plays an important role at the road junction. Tools will contribute to be connected in search of clean and accurate pure data, tools such as artificial intelligence.

Recap, information time value is delicate, resembles an impulse function in physics. Reskilling may not be enough on its own, team upskilling and relearning learning, may even unlearning previous patterns would be a vital apparatus to smoothen the friction, remove obstacles so that alignment with disruptive waves is proactively preserved.

This time is the right time, not to miss the next approaching crest namely ai, iot, block chain, agile leadership concepts? Bearing in mind what makes us human, setting goals soaring, guiding, coaching will determine our future to maneuver through discontinuity, rapture.

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