08 August 2020

Rushing Out - Rushing In

  • Turkish folk poet and Sufi Mystic Yunus Emre once said
  • Kaç mevsim bekleyim daha kapında,
  • Ayağımda zincir, boynumda kement? 
  • Beni de, piştiğin belâ kabında,
  • O kadar kaynat ki, buhara benzet!

Rushing OUT Rushing IN

Enduring hardship, stretching beyond natural borders, operating at timeless, endless proximity, is this what you have been witnessing in your life over this period recently? I expect most answers to be yes. Feeling like floating in a work balloon being physically bound however virtually unbolted. Experiencing forces that are pulling you outward in all directions. Is this now the current reality does that sound familiar? Ambitions, energy were high back then, today trying to cope with burdensome situation is the new existence. Psychological pressure might be rendering you into frames, yet you must hang in there, inventing new approaches to your private and business life. Adaptation is not painless, nonetheless it is conceivable and attainable.

There will come a time when conditions, though slowly will improve. Nobody believes that the future scene will exactly be equivalent to near past. Changes will be in the air, like spring emerging from winter. Living through such an adventure, loneliness, inadequate virtual connections and friendship you may be tempted to jump to conclusions rapidly during this interim period.

Let me try to highlight why you need to take your time.

Rushing Out

Prior habitat reverberates at your ears and gradually there it is to comprehend and surrounding appears yet again, sensational, enjoyable. Surfacing landscape will probably take your breath away and without a serious consideration you pursue change. Criticizing what you have been through will be preferring an effortless view point. It is like content explained in the future without the context. An immediate gold rush will not benefit all, only the lucky ones will strike fortune. Instead why don’t you invest some time to assess what you have acquired so far? You have gained extra dimensions of skills such as better understanding of your business environment, your team and colleges, the way business is conducted during critical seasons. So would it not be appropriate to utilise these mature skills to improve any aspect of current occupation. Rushing out hurriedly may result in missing an opportunity for exercising your advanced competencies. Therefore think twice before taking bold decisions. Please don’t forget we are all in the same boat thinking alike.

Rushing In

Let’s have a stare from another perspective, neighbours’ grass seems greener than ever as if it has not been impacted by any of these circumstances. Is this a deception or because you feel dismal and not recovered fully to make a clear judgement? Please don’t be mistaken we are all glazing out of our own personal window experiencing exactly the same panorama. Therefore investigate, check out what went wrong and how improvements be achieved if you decide to make a move to an unknown territory.  Determine a long term viability for yourself rather than a quick win which might prove to be nonsense very shortly.

Prosperous times will arrive, we all know we are bored, once the cycle rotates please take utmost care in ether rushing out or rushing in before you alter the foundations of being yourself.

Take a sightseeing tour and make a decision from your heart.