22 August 2020

Citizenship & Matrix PART 1

Dual – Triple Citizenship & Matrix Organisations

PART 1: What Went Wrong?

Have you ever wondered leaping out of current bearing and plummeting right into an immense galloping, dissimilar dimension where citizenship is related to managing businesses on line, seamless, timeless? Matrix structures, leader’s nightmare, softwired employees plugged-in yet owns decision making responsibility? Obviously it would be challenging to cover such a captivating topic with a concise article, follow on parts will be available.

Some of you may remember the good old days where corporations were based on silos of departments? Each crafts-person had a unique rectangular shape job definition, interfaces, relationships and communications were all pre-determined. Hierarchy, orderliness ruled all over. Strategy, vision, systems, processes, procedures, products were driven top down, no urgency, so not to worry just execute what needs to be achieved. You weren’t obliged to depend on any external function, reward for hard work rather than initiative. Long term projections, slowness was the name of the game.

Permeating in spaces resembling a warehouse as if you are inherent, implicit part of the community within, comprehended citizen with a single passport to operate within determined boundaries. Disagreement within team members are allowed with a certain degree of freedom. Well enough is written for the subject matter, presumably and hopefully none of you have been in a situation that resembles circumstances above.

Why would such an elementary architecture collapse? Earlier attempts were fabricated to alter the destiny of corporations such as TQM. Looking back directly reveals these advancements were mere evolutions. Today bluntly put forward it is all about salvation or damnation in a highly digital networked world. Scientific discoveries, intriguing inventions have rapidly disseminated to technology and breakthrough products. Advancement is like precipitating rainfall therefore dissipating information calls for action. Shower necessitates relearning, thus adaptation instantaneously before gathering water creates floods. Ailing, vertical structures cannot stand still, agility, passion, energy, team work self-governance are now the new ingredients to grasp essence for over and above wisdom.

So has the transition materialised into a set of concrete cultural variables suddenly without notice, or were the principles evolved through time and we only became aware of it once it has started to be visible at the surface? In numerous peculiar attributes have been attached to this emerging phenomenon. Feeling lost or unknowing where to start can be bothersome, on the other hand anchoring to something that is scary like abominable snowman is defiantly not recommended. Only intention is to raise awareness, involvement, embrace and learn the transformation likewise treat the developments seriously. What lies ahead is acceleration, maintaining constant speed will only enable retardation. Digitisation is remodelling, revolutionising concepts, may even be comparable to metamorphosis. Are we about to re-emerge with wings like butterflies so that we will be able to get rid of locality, and time? Balancing work, life smoothly rather than coincidentally enjoying life.

Respective governance, leadership methodologies have been suggested which were indulged in during past decade to cater for innovative ideas to foster.  Presently sprint v marathon, AI for networking, Block Chain for security are taking shape fast and furious.

Traditional institutions are crumbling, configurations are shattering and frameworks are disintegrating. Question is how to initiate and embark in a synchronisation process to harmonise past, present and future complex architectures. Mitigate, risk which can be analogous to an elephant walking right into a glassware shop. Persevere in individual satisfaction, loyalty, education while keeping an eye on reawakened objectives, destination and purpose.

PART 2 Citizenship, Precaution, Conformity, Blending