01 October 2020

Citizenship & Matrix PART 2

Dual – Triple Citizenship & Matrix Organizations


Traditional institutions are crumbling, configurations are shattering and frameworks are disintegrating. Question is how to initiate and embark in a synchronization process to harmonise past, present and future complex business architectures. This is where we left off part I, let’s continue to indulge in proposals to address issues.

While operating environments are witnessing a paradigm shift to timeless proximity platforms bearings are being lost in vast virtuality. Therefore resetting, refocusing business priorities has become crucial. Even though communications has improved dramatically it did not avoid blurring of objectives. Sense of timing and responsibility is felt a lot more on the shoulder of team members compared to when meetings were conducted Face2Face. Otherwise no matter how careful the session is managed concentration engagement will not last more than 30 minutes. Reporting outcome and results will reflect this confusion straight away. So what would be a proper approach?

1-Reset Objectives: Classical characteristic pattern of lengthy descriptive, direction and target setting should now be abandoned. Further point to consider is to strip off the time stamp from course heading. Remember those yearly, quarterly ambitions and dreams.

Imminent replacement of the old process with current simple, short principles is now mandatory. Redesign each and every one of the tangible actions which are achievable one by one at on line gatherings. Bulk v Pieces. Reinvent together involve the team to define pieces. Thus converting on line boring duration to a desired not to be missed encounter with a happy bunch of participants. Regularity will guarantee acceptance and give the green light to productivity.  Like constituting agility as a de facto online process.

2-Dual Citizenship: Individualism will work as discussed above, on the other hand business processes are depended in a crisscross manner to multiple units. Let’s have an example; sales in a retail shop is directly linked to a department in production line. Therefore let’s imagine a sales person having an online weekly target also owns a weekly production completeness cycle. Dual responsibility, citizenship both at equal weights will engage the separate teams to own the same destiny. Duality may sound complicated however practice makes perfect.

Several varieties of multiple connections can be established which are in tune with greater corporate purpose. Connections are there to be short lived not to be permanent thus providing professionals to taste different expressions. Also an added benefit to the corporation would be a have an available pool of human resources that is reachable in cases of quick shifts in corporate direction.

3-Rewarding: Well here is a challenge for CHRO, online objective setting is here to stay even after the Pandemic. To build an excellent system to cater for and be fair, all aspects of business needs, have to be studied and fully integrated. Slices or frames of responsibly attached with a unique rewarding system… Once branded properly will be accepted by the team and thus will ensure to drive business fast forward. Internal selling and positioning is critical. Understanding by all is key for implementing this agile virtual system. Start slow, little experiments first before full blown wide coverage should be considered seriously.

These tools propose faster better business results, thus empowering corporations to bounce to a higher level of sustainable business architecture. Elimination of dazzle is possible only if complete structure operates at synchronism.

Best of luck; watch storks gathering for their next migration there you will witness patterns, communications, planning, purpose, passion.

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