24 March 2022



My dear friends let me share with you my gratitude for being such a great reader community. This blog which has started to be operational three years back has now reached 250K views as of March 10th 2022.

This date corresponding to my birthday makes me really very happy. Thank you.

Almost all the posts have received your valuable contribution. Responder destinations in the order of most access are from Asia, US, Europa.

Unique stories, understanding science, future foresight, leadership styles, corporate architectures… writing is a pleasure because I feel hope, prosperity and wellbeing for the people of the world. It is only possible to flourish if we achieve our purpose all together. Not excluding anyone, narrowing digital divide. Equal opportunities for learning…

Based on the thoughts above this blog highlights experiences gained… Ideas worth exploring… Inspiring newness… comprehending connectedness whether we are in real or virtual environments. Here are the topics covered so far…

1. Science & Technology Articles
2. Films & Books, Reviews
3. Leadership & Management
4. Talks & Visits 
5. My Personal Background

Please feed forward your reflections.

As a single drop of water encompasses the beauty of the past, the moment encompasses the beauty of past and the future.

With my sincere best wishes.