27 July 2022

Exit Interview

Why Exit Interview is too late

Having worked for several years within the global community I have experienced the critically of interviews. Yet a common practice is to pay a lot more emphasis to entry rather than a sustainable feedback reception from already on board employees. I seriously think that entry assessments are complex and cumbersome. Measurements, case studies, psychometric tests may not be able to identify the right candidate. Therefore retaining contended resources sounds a priority for effective prosperity.

Thus preserving and recognition determines value created and productivity. Already consumed allocation which is expected to provide returns is more valuable than a new investment. The reason lies in the fact that by now performance knowledge should have been appreciated. Once again moving forward management possesses the capability of proper justifiable responsibility assignments.

In fact successful cycles repeat itself where new comers smoothly mingling with the existing team. Corporations that do not care or even neglects the pulsating rhyme are destined for a downturn. Those companies where the wheel stumbles over a bump needs to take action promptly. When the time reaches to a point of tough decisions the right mix will be there to guide a negative business inclination. On the other hand as an opportunity emerges in the horizon resource diversity is essential in composing analysis whether to make a go or a no go decision.

Looking from any angle on boarding new talent is fundamental. Two unique approaches are worth considering.

Firstly arranging a welcoming environment for the incoming professionals play a vital role on loyalty. Designing a learning system that delivers answers to any query online, quickly and correctly will accelerate the adaptability. It should be noted that leaving things unattended will definitely result in a deteriorating condition. Including everybody and making sure that each and everyone has a satisfying function…

“All on board” expression should be acceptable as an open interpretation.

Secondly as the business journey proceeds, certain differences will unavoidable surface. Therefore before a simple matter evolves to a serious controversy timely intervention becomes a necessity. It would be a strong recommendation that regular consultation will diminish the fire event before a spark ignition. I have practised a system which I have named “pit stop”

Pit stops are quick dialogues as long as you have the intimate awareness of all the details. If this is the case you will be able to communicate to the team what remedies need to be applied. Just like the Formula1 race an instant short stop will relax all the tension. On the other hand pit stop toll is not sufficient to straighten out the wrinkles. It should be regarded as a call to action before it is too late. Like raising an alarm before a large tremble. A personal relieve session conducted in a calm atmosphere will result in happiness. Pit stops customised and implemented routinely is a great interview mechanism.

Never leave resolutions to the last minute and try to understand what actually went wrong at the exit interview.

As a summary make sure “all are on board” practise innovative enjoyable “pit stop” get togethers.

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