12 March 2024

The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence

Personally living in a house with a garden I tend to understand that it is easier said than done to look after a healthy looking dreamland. When I come across those beautifully nursed green fields I cannot escape from asking myself the simplest question. What is the magical touch that provides the means to this exquisiteness and grace?

I have learned over a long period of time that nature actually assists ability of survival in any hostile environment. Therefore it may seem rather odd to glance to a terrain of wilderness and think that nothing is happening. Barren land may not take your breath away yet existing biodiversity in any environment is the foundation for endurance and continuity. Reinforcing the eco-system to balance itself to face all the worst to come in future.

Astounding knowledge of flowering plants has taken me deep into pure reality. I have noticed that nature prefers colours not to please humans but rather to attract insects. Offering their pollen as a source of nutrition so that in return gaining strength and food to regenerate their species. Insects fly from flower to flower to collect nectar. In the meantime indirectly transporting pollen and seeds.

To my stunning astonishment I realised that insect’s preference of colour and fragrance is not always in line with my inclinations. Insects selected flowers that not necessarily produce finest scents to human appreciation. One such plant attracted so many bees and we had to take it out of the garden because we were not keen on the odour.

As we dwelled into more colour and smell the garden exhibited and displayed its attractiveness and orderliness to our human friends.

On the other hand if not conceived as potential food source the plants were destined to perish. Therefore this would not be a sustainable process and needs constant care of the gardener. The matter worsens as, sunlight, water beyond rain fall, pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers are, main ingredients to nurture and preserve this charm and elegance.

In a nut shell ample amount of resources are to be invested to a short term glimpse of this sparkle. Yet the real customers such as the bees will pay little or no desire to experience this delicacy since the product would not satisfy their purpose of longevity.

Therefore the grass may look greener from outside to those who see what they expect to see. I am not hinting that this is not proper. We all need to come out of anxiety and feel overwhelmed to witness such a unique perspective. All we need is to figure out the complex architecture and appreciate the cost associated to keep running such a fascinating greenhouse.

So could this be a call for the enterprise leadership. How to design an attractive garden full of joyful offers. Comprehensive perception from inside may be very pleasing to gaze to delightful landscape.

However scrutinised planning to achieve essential customer loyalty is an imperative decision. As a result contributing to a tremendous product profitability. Hit the bull’s eye so to speak.

At the end of the day managing such a challenge is a way of designing a masterpiece. Appreciating uneasiness and balancing during a tightrope walking hanging way above ground.

I hope I was able to raise critical questions in your minds. Spending precious time on thinking before acting should be adapted as a common practise. Success depends on configuring such a harmony with respect to both angles of consideration.

Loveliness & Choice

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