20 June 2017

Impedance the "Z"

Dear Z Generation potentials
, you are the founders, the iGeneration. Some of you have now been enjoying the ages in twenties. You are very comfortable with technology, networking with social media and called so to speak "natives". Having said all these wonderful phrases, you should be careful with your day to day interactions with GenX who would be around your parent’s age and GenY who would most probably be your Customers, Partners, and Ecosystem Professionals. Hence let me share with you couple of frames of reference which would enhance your communication skills in terms of understanding the sophisticated environment.

The picture above may seem complex to non-technically educated, however Electrical & Electronic Engineers are very much aware of communication fundamentals and the definition of Impedance. Matching impedance, which is represented by "Z" is an indication of quality of a transmission line which carries the effective information that is modulated with an intricate methodology of algorithms. Since communications between sources require, Transmitter, Receiver and a Medium which would carry the information all three of the items above have to be matched in terms of Impedance value so that a sustainable maximum rate of information flow is achieved.

Therefore with equated and balanced impedance a smooth effective communications will be formed. Impedance has three components which are correlated to each other with the formula above, Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance. So let's have closer look at these components, without indulging in formulae, that are ought to be aligned.

Resistance: Expect to face serious resistance to your thoughts contrary to your spontaneity, energy and drive. Consequentially trying to pump more power to your talk will eventually heat up the resistor at the other end and will blow the resistor like a fuse getting you nowhere. Avoid persistence, aggression at this stage maintain your composure. More approachable method would be to give time to receiver to cool down, break and lower your speech frequently, listen and observe how much of the information has gone through.

Capacitance: Capacitance represents the available space reserved to absorb the data. Foresee this instance by asking appropriate questions, listening to responses and estimate how far you are distant from achieving your goal. With a low capacity receiver you should provide intervals for the capacitor to be depleted. Hence adjust you speed judging the absorption rate. Electronic Engineers likewise appreciate that low value capacitance smooths out spikes, burst of signals. Once you diagnose a receiver with low capacitance do not forget to not raise sudden and short messages which will never get distinguished and perceived.

Inductance: Here is the last component of Impedance that might be more challenging and demanding to distinguish in pursuit of perfect information flow. Inductance in Engineering is regarded as a nuisance as it limits the rate of change of information. In other words inductance is the frequency of conveyance which defines how fast the information is transmitted as well as content variations which defer carelessly.

Consequently adjust your rate of talk torrent, watch the eyes and see that they are bright and concentrated. Avoid the mistake of jumping from subject to subject and taking the conversation off road it will be ambitious to recover to return to main stream discussion.

Well there you go couple of suggestions Impedance the Z, all the best keep on learning the future and the past.