03 October 2022

Monkey See Monkey Do

With all due respect to all living & sharing species on planet earth.

I wanted to surface the phrase “MSMD” which was regarded old way back in 1900s. It is contradictory to every management practice that is being discussed recently. Learn a process and implement the work without understanding what the outcome will be. Repeat, imitate don’t think… There would be no initiative or judgement or for that matter no consideration for any improvement. There will be something out there that ultimately decides and measures value created.

Does this sound familiar? I may even relate this to “Truman Show”. Shock waves reverberating when Jim Carrey finally pierces the dome. Walking against the wind, swimming through the waves, getting rid of the paradigms should be the name of the game. How to choose to overcome the fears and run towards unknown destinations is a matter of courage and curiosity.

Nothing will stay the same, let’s remember the famous phrase of the TQM era. Total Quality Management is still a valid methodology today as it was back in the 1990’s. Corporations make use of TQM philosophy for designing healthy leadership success strategies. “Things left to themselves always go from better to worse”. Therefore new traces of light should emerge to break endless loops. Boredom, anxiety and no change to improve personal desire will end up in a collapse. Treating every conflict as a teaching opportunity serves to improve lives.

What about Machines See Machines Do or rather Robots See Robots Do. The world has witnessed how the machines replaced animals. Affordable automobile production has taken over the transportation systems from horses. Followed by trains displacing carts and wagons. Soon after tanks were dominating battle fields shifting cavalry bound to ceremonies. Machines and Robots will certainly see superior than humans and they will possess an exceptional do.

Is this where the story ends, not likely. In general machines do not target those who have top skills as well as those who have very low capabilities. The objective and purpose is to take over mid talent market. Where most of the competent, experienced, savvy professionals find pride in their quest for excellence. Thus there is no time for relaxation, reskilling seems mandatory before it’s too late.

Well I do not intent to paint a gloomy picture and I want to leave you with couple of statements to think through.

Monkey Hear Monkey Do

Monkey Think Monkey Do

Monkey Feel Monkey Do

Great challenges ahead awaits us. All the best.