24 February 2017

IOT & Mobile Devises

I have been studying IOT business models recently, and noticing a serious development competition among the technology providers, who are indulging into ways to monetise services. IOT will be driving and shaping go to market models in every single business in terms of new engagement methodologies with customers, partners, and public at large. Having said that, new projects are focusing on redesigning processes for reshaping administrative models which would include redefinition and handling of internal matters such as Human Resources, Financial Systems, Research & Development, and so on.
Businesses will therefore have to understand the impact of this new wave of technology advancements and benefit from the productivity gains internally as well as drastically improving intimacy with their ecosystem.
Let me give an example towards how the mobile phones of the future will be able to provide amazing support to the users.

let's image a mobile phone having a connection with an operator providing the user with multiple services such as voice, data, video and so on. These services are optimised around the information users share with the operators as long as they feel confident regarding the confidentiality of the shared knowledge. Presently the user shared information is extremely limited such as allowing the operators to receive access to certain functionality of phone capabilities and user location data.

Now that we have established up to date conditions, let's realise that the phones we own have a built in capability to communicate with the IOT devices directly, targeted to surround every location that we seem to be present in. In such a diverse environment mobile devices will be able to communicate not only users where about but also the state of the environment the user in experiencing. As long as the users authorise the operators to process this immense information, the operators will than be able to provide intelligent services such as search, emergency conditions, problem resolution with infinite possibilities.

The users will only share IOT data if and only if they trust the operators security systems and confidentially. Therefore I suggest that the operators having a severe completions with the over the top (OTT) provider to start communicating customer trust messages. Messages including how secure the information is stores, used and managed will have to be aired.

This gate will be opened by the devices as they become aware of the IOT devices around the users just as the devices connect with the base stations. Technology drive will be materialising immanently either towards IOT networks or Mobile technologies such as 5G. I expect great inventions that would be emerging to further enhance user capability with sharing of personal feelings in the future. Let's discuss that later in the mean time, worth to live and witness these beautiful times.