26 November 2018

Think Quadruple - B4B

It's been over two decades now since we first stumbled over "Business to Business" B2B approach where one business creates and delivers a solution to another business to be implemented within the boundaries of current operations of both businesses.

Selling has been the key driver under any condition so that the results would be reflected at income statements imminently. This business model has achieved great success as long as the markets reflected stable and sustainable advance for achieving planned goals. Progress is measured on a quarterly basis where the whole business architecture has relied on weekly performances. Thus the model was based on a short term win rather than a deep rooted relationship. Businesses have traditionally started to survive on a day to day everlasting environment. Therefore when the going gets tough, rough, within an unpredictable environment new avenues have to be envisioned.
This may not be so easy, since the system paradigms executed over the years have become not only a working model but rather a way of life for those within. Therefore the question is how to redesign corporate structure to be tuned to dynamic market conditions and ever changing economic irregularity. "Business for Business" B4B may be an answer, here are couple of points that would catch the attention of leadership teams.

First, understanding customers business environment and challenges across all fields of engagement will guide a long term success story. Think not, I don't care why the customer is buying, I only book the order, think, how the offer is contributing directly to customers business plan. Business solution is orders for the seller however it is an investment decision for the buyer. Therefore enrich the offer so that the level of impact to customer business is maximized. Remember this concept may also be geared towards generating development in uncharted markets. Customers investment returns (ROI) plays a critical path in purchase decisions. Further analysis of customers strategy enables the seller to assist the buyer to squeeze out the most from the said solution thus accelerating returns. This is what is called "Business for Business". Don't forget that the seller and the buyer are both on the same boat.

Second, make sure that the solution includes a broad range of products from your own corporation. Get out of the comfort zone where there may be an easy sales offer. Solutions that are flexible will replace those which are stiff and prone to change. This path will touch every corner of ones own enterprise thus creating a positive mood internally. Since the seller's business has also invested to the solution as well as the field operations, a more enhanced offer will also accelerate the sellers ROI. Thus thinking different in both angles, will create a prosperity for both enterprises thus accomplishing favorable hearth share that will separate you from nearest competitor.

Thirdly, a purchasing decision is taken by individuals in search of their own performance and career. Pay attention to these individuals realize their desire to learn. Thus bundle wherever possible education, training opportunity with the offer in place. Once the implementation is in progress and contribution is beginning to be recognized that success stories will become public. Determine communication strategy to promote these stories through social networks.

B4B a tool to reshape a new identity for the enterprise.