27 February 2019

Mountain People - Valley People

Dear Friends I wish you a great year 2019, hope all your wishes are on track.

Now that we are back from holidays and well into the year and being confronted by the challenges of business matters I would like to tell a story.

Once upon a time in a village far far away from civilisation there lived a local community who were busy with their lives away from the modern alertness, to the minute response to reverberations. This pattern of lifestyle which may seem peculiar to us now has brought happiness, proud, health so they lived in an everlasting peace.

The village people had two distinctive inhabitants, those who wander off to find, hunt for food named after their duties called The Mountain People. Those who stay back to take care of the land, grow crops and organised hunt food delivered by Mountain people called The Valley People. The time passed seems infinite, days, months, seasons, years did not mean much. Everything is shared with the guidance of the elderly and there were no objections, conflicts, no written obligations. It was fare for everyone who have accepted their allowance based on their contribution. 

Mountain People were the ones who dared to climb up the sharp mountain cliffs. They always functioned as a team. Connected to each other with ropes so if one of the members suddenly slips the team pulls that person out of trouble in no time. They exercised leadership skills to track pray, estimate the precise moment of strike. As a team they have always out smarted much more powerful and speedy prospects since they have exploited the weaknesses.

Valley People on the other hand relied on good weather, seeds and spend much of their time on endless debates. If things would not proceed the way they have foreseen there was always the nature to blame. What else could we have done was a typical motto.

Well as time smoothly passed on Mountain People started to feel that the most effective work has been performed by them not to forget the dangers of spending most of their time in the wilderness. Therefore they demanded more than the fair share of the overall wealth. Since Mountain People held the upper side in terms of tools there was no alternative or objection so Valley People submitted to the demand. Mountain People seemed to be winning the race and started to receive more than their actual contribution.

Valley People were not happy with this new arrangement as if the orderliness have been disoriented forever. So they have initiated a set of rules that defines how the joint endowment would be commissioned. In the mean time considering new processes to improve productivity.

Valley People had a strong feeling that this new decorum would not receive recognition by the Mountain People, or would they be ready to negotiate terms & conditions?

Thus we come to the end of a lovely story, how would you comprehend, do you think the continuation is a matter of imminent decision or will the challenges linger and worst to come.? Please propose solutions.