28 December 2022

One Size Fits All? or Made to Measure?

“1SFA” One Size Fits All vs “M2M” Made to Measure

What a lovely epigram. Thinking, talking about the concept makes my life meaningful in every aspect. Whether being part of my personal, business as well as social endeavour I always had an invisible connection to this phrase. Let’s deep dive and check out how an impactful M2M be generated with this thought in mind.

Welcome to a new year where uniqueness takes priority.

M2M - Taking care of customers.

Flourishing landscape, shortening life cycles can be defined as diversification of needs. We are no longer satisfied with traditional, commonplace articles. The rate of commoditisation has accelerated to unprecedented speeds. Therefore not only creativity became an instant serious concern, sustaining and replicating the process now represents an even more challenge.

Slicing the market into countless, innumerable verticals where time is a matter of survivability. Where no business is safe durability is being tested. Will ability to adapt, disregarding traditional systems, become the new pattern? If so how can it be measured? New generation managers should acquire unfamiliar yardsticks which will add to their current tool box.

It should all start with allocating quality time to designing concepts. An overall cutting edge approach is needed to relive leaders from day to day operations. Only with a one track mind, to understand and act on this ever changing environment, will ensure prosperity.

Not an easy task to unlearn “one size fits all”. Management preferences are aligned to operate painlessly or more bluntly live in uncomplicated territory. Making lots of the same thing over and over again is straight forward. This no longer is valid.

Everyone is unique and aware of their distinctiveness and individuality. Tiny may be the variation, yet significant and not negligible value is perceived in the mind of buyers. How would any industry cope with producing “made to measure” products? How can design be out sourced to each and every customer so that they will have a say in what matters to them. I am sure technology evolution will be able to unravel these questions. In fact foresight and apprehension of changing social climate is paramount task. I do not envy current executives who are working hours on end to satisfy far ranging wish lists.

Don’t panic, take every step carefully. The bottom line is free yourself from non-value adding duties. Replacement of present day systems is crucial. Practising brand new means, should allocate ample seconds to divert thoughts to M2M and not 1SFA.

Best wishes for a wonderful year full of joy and happiness.

Make your life a masterpiece.

Coming soon next article: M2M - taking care of employees.