02 December 2022

Better Late than Never

Well I used to be intrigued with the phrase “Better Late than Never”. Achieving targets that were set was the sole purpose in my enterprise days. I miss the good old days where time seemed to fly unhurriedly, calmly as if we had ample stretch of space.

Yet every aspect of a project delivery plan were carefully designed. Automation & Computerisation were not at full throttle. Manual processes enabled managers to track details plotted on our walls. Allocating slack periods were a common place. Catering for emergencies as if errors were bound to happen had to be infused.

So being late or missing the delivery date had no impact as long as the long term course stayed the same. We were comfortable with behind schedule projects. Delays did not cause major discontent since the customers were also not perfect in their methodologies. It was as if alignment was arranged in the first place. Can you imagine lateness being taken as a peace of mind? Certainly inadmissible at present. Regarded as below par, undesirable.

We all knew well that the customer needs were transforming. What we didn’t expect is the gargantuan upsurge of the rate of information creation. Gradually the targets were no longer stable. Therefore intending to fulfil a customer need with a program required a prediction algorithm. The question that awaited an answer was, where will be the likelihood of the prospect be in the future. The gap had to be calculated depending on the availability of the solution’s date.

The more the complexity the more the risk was. Stationary was replaced by dynamism. Another point raised was what the solution will likely to accomplish. Design a result for a single customer or address a wide range of markets. Now impactful was the name of the game.

The challenge that is emerging as a sun rise was where the technology advancements will take us. Change is in the air and life cycles are shortening. How can we rely on prediction algorithms? What if our bets all go wrong? This is an uncharted territory for the most of us. Therefore “better late” is no longer valid. “Better be quick” before the target shoots of to an unclimbable location.

It was a nightmare presenting a product to the customer before it is comprehensively tested. Any glitch or inaccuracy represented major discrepancy to the recipient. Cases after cases were decided by legal battles often resulting in failures. Parties involves spend enormous amounts of funds to rectify. Not only cash but more valuable assets of professional experts. Acceptance criteria were sometimes ill defined with vagueness caused disengagement. Thus having primary disruption of cash flow.

Whereas now it’s being encouraged to outsource testability to the customer. As long as the process is defined in a good manner operation is accelerated.

Finally it is worth to mention that the key capability lies in forecasting what the future will likely to bring. Multi-faceted leadership skills, with eyes on the instruments looking beyond the borders is what separates prosperity v misfortune. All the best.

“Better early than complete viability”

Make your life a masterpiece.