27 July 2021

DEI - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion - PART1 - Equity

A Blue Print DEI Trilogy

PART 0 - What Lies Ahead ?

0.1. Fundamental Changes

Fundamental changes are shaping the world never seen before. Earth is now more flat, superimposed locations and timeless. On-Line platforms are equalising businesses as well as individuals. As long as one possesses educate capabilities the world is a single market place accessible by all. Therefore conducting any sort of relationship building with one another requires understanding of differences. Leadership challenges have always been awesome through history and time. Yet today there is a new overwhelming means to face and overcome anxieties.

Diversity – Equity – Inclusion as a concept is embraced by leaders to cope with difficulties. Matters spreading through vast distances may be tackled smoothly if DEI philosophy is correctly executed.

0.2. Challenges   

DEI, sounds simple enough, easy to read yet concept, meaning, understanding bears such heavy elements that are tucked away behind the vast universe. Even attempting to start a definition needs careful thought. Each and every word carries with itself unique properties that are research topics by themselves. Undertaking to compose a description may result in streamlining scattered ideas together hence providing a rough collection of views. Delivering essence and measuring success may shine further light to the picture or rather the masterpiece. The real challenge then emerges as an approach strategy to match resources to cover identified gaps.

PART 1 - Equity

1.1. Drawbacks

Human capital has infinite potential, knowledge bestows ability to formulate correct choices out of numerous possibilities. Thus a path through ignorance to wisdom has random obstacles some are observable and will disappear as one learns to grasp complexities. Others may not be that simple to resolve, these may and will hamper the future directions and perspectives. It would be appropriate to name these obstacles as drawbacks.

Each and every one of these drawbacks will differ from individual to individual in terms of specific capability as well as the level of dexterity deepness. Determining a normal condition versus a drawback is beyond the scope of this paper. It is assumed that such a situation is clearly stipulated by subject matter experts.

Therefore a matrix analysis of aimed average target v inadequacy study will be able to determine disparity. As a matter of fact time might act as a remedy, however a system can be designed to accelerate the process. To quicken insight awareness is like defying gravity as one should allocate more effort to understanding composite solutions. Once the target v gap is estimated than to proceed with the allocation next phase of the practise takes shape. That being the continued supply of resources rather than a bulk, impulse instance and from there on unbroken monitoring of the improvement. Readiness to understand the psychology behind the initiative is extremely challenging. Any form of confusion, resistance, unwillingness should be cast aside and dealed with before the proper and smooth delivery starts. Methodologies that exist to embrace these behaviour aspects is beyond this paper.

1.3. Target Determination

To start an everlasting engagement time value of the target has to be estimated. May not be an accurate assessment initially however should represent a fairly correct worth at the time of completion. As a moving target represents an inconvenience for aiming and designing a road map a fixed model should be accepted to commence. Gap analysis before proceeding is worth the valuable effort since probability of success means confident for future projects.


1.4. Resource Allocation

Once the target is pretty well categorised, a survey will be extremely beneficiary to highlight the number of cases. As a matter of fact, initially the value of the resources that are planned to be utilised for this unique purpose has to be set aside. These could be in terms of cash and/or in-kind contributions. In our example template this is determined to be a unit of 8. This is where limits determine allocation. How can one take a mathematical decision to actuate a designation? Will this be a judgement of sentiments? I hope not. Thus how can this complication be addressed? Any suggestions?

1.5. Identifying Gaps

Assuming that the gaps are reckoned to the best estimate in terms of drawbacks as well as value. It would be appropriate and strongly recommended that the height of the target is calculated according to accurate data. Target value in our example is a rigid unit of 10. It would be appropriate to also position resource allocation to enable a full scale alignment with the target or rather a phased approach in terms of time schedule.

Next question arises from the numbers associated with these clusters. A lower deepness case may have gigantic number of cases whereas a huge deepness case may have only a few cases. Which ones should take priority?

Let me try, as the resources are already prefixed the question shifts to creating the best overall impact once the means are provided. Calculating, planning, providing and measuring is there a magic empirical formulae? I guess there is none.

1.6. Take a look at Case A

Only one of the subject benefits and yet the success to be able to reach the target may raise question marks. Will the subject be able to absorb such an immense amount knowledge in such a short duration? Needs careful inside knowledge prestart.

1.7. Take a look at Case B

Seems to represent a more likely scenario. Medium risk is associated to uplift a value 4 to 10 since absorption of knowledge may be identified as relatively modest. Adding a value of 2 to an already enhanced candidate most probably create a better chance of further success. This case will be able to complete the project without any further assistance.

1.8. Take a look at Case C

Identification of candidates that are more likely to need support only for once. On the other hand remaining resource may only provide a bare minimum help to kick start an awareness program.

Therefore there is no magical approach to all cases. Trusting senses, knowing individuals, smelling the winds, performing like a high seas captain will be tools to achieve best consequences. Diluting available resources to cater for all segments, testing and learning as the process fine tunes. The process is more like arts than a mere arithmetic calculation. Shrewdness will play an essential responsibility in making decisions.

1.9. Equity Overview

There is no concrete blueprint, rather a blur image which will eventually clear to reveal its beauty in time. Keeping on trying, not abandoning, persistence will play a major role in developing a better world where we enjoy living together. The task never ends on the other hand delivering wellness to an individual changes that person’s life forever. From there on the responsibility shifts to the beneficiary thus sustaining the received value lies on their shoulders. Not only the reached target has a meaningful outcome it has to be improved further as time goes by. And may be one day roles are replaced where the receiver is now the resource provider.

This is when the drawback has vanished. How well one feels when this occurs, happiness and farewell mingled in the same pot. Mission accomplished, another summit climbed, consequently opening up a new view for the next wellcome.