25 November 2022

Rock the Boat - Land Ho!

As the conditions are improving I was wondering why recovery is taking longer than expectations. Could it be because of a tornado effect where the severe winds blew off not only the property? Connectedness once lost might represent a new challenge to be reinstated. Rectangular screens representing efficiency and speed did not provide solutions after all.

Yet staring to images and presentations shuffled our essential nature. Resulting in a new design of comfort zones. Therefore leaving this new environment and rejoicing is harder than it seems. Unfamiliar behaviour is taking over. Less of entrepreneurship and satisfaction through business as usual is becoming a common place. Unwillingness to continue to create new ideas as well as not driving businesses forward in the form of quick decision making is becoming a norm. However initially just the opposite had been predicted.

So what is the real issue? Boredom, inadequacy of adaptability? Deep mental attitude transformation? Picking the easiest path, just as current flowing through less resistive circuits?

Last two years has been like sailing in a perfect storm. Gusting winds, uncertainty of the course and direction were dominating our lives. Suddenly navigation instruments were inadequate and powerless to help to adjust to strange surroundings. Thus breathing within the high tech arena and yet without the knowledge of what the future will look like… Blizzards were the strongest for many years to come. Our objectives were changing directions. Priority is redefined as hanging on to the ships ropes for not falling off the deck to cold sees below. Left alone in the dark was among our fears.

Now that a warm breeze is substituting the gale what should be our next step. Will our previous experience dominate? What will our preference be, stilling still or standing up and rock the boat?

Remembrance of the past should now be regarded as faint dreams. Not as nightmares. We are back to starter stalls, race is about to begin. Leaving behind confusion, irritation, stability which can be named as concerns of Pandemi era. Time is right to forget anxiousness and grabbing strands tightly. Stage is set for new show, our agility is being tested. Shake the boat and hear the sailors shouting wake up Land Ho! Come on what are we waiting for let’s get rid of restlessness. All the tools are there to comfort us. And rebuilding the peace, and economy awaits us.

Best Wishes.

Make your life a masterpiece.