03 April 2019

İstanbulFintechweek - Data&Identity Panel

İstanbul Fintech Week IFW19 held at @Vodafonepark with the participation of international experts turned out to be one of the most advanced events where current financial technologies have been discussed. Data&Identity panel which I had the privilege and honour of moderating was one of those sessions.

Panelist who are experts in their area of professionalism. @canorhun - egüven, @nadimtakchi - Cambridge Blockchain, @betügültoker - Aktifbank, @luidaskanapienis - Ondato, Dr. @oktayadalier - TÜBİTAK, @ericgilmore - Daon.

Digitilisation of services, benefits to customers in terms of efficiency, timing, convenience, ease of access, on the other hand barriers, fears, data breaches, misuse of personal information, identity theft, fraud which can lead to financial loss. Regulation & legislation such as PSD, GDPR, that will have a potential impact on data privacy, identity and KYC processes. Panelist have talked about highlights of these elements from multiple angles so as to attempt to identify challenges and solutions.

What a wonderful mind opening occasion it has been. I would like to talk all the panel members, organisers, and the audience who have spared their time.