04 April 2019

IFW - Artificial Intelligence Round Table

İstanbul Fintech Week yet another session deeply associated with AI opened up by Can Mindek from @Pearson.

Prof. Christopher Tucci opening up with an excellent presentation from Switzerland. He has touch based on very many different aspect of AI where prediction algorithms are evolving such that humans trust the machines more than ever. Many of today's technologies are enabling AI to gather information from the like of satellites, drones and even GPS systems to estimate the next action to be taken.

I have also made a short presentation talking briefly about AI history and moved on to my real expertise of Telekom industry. Presenting and highlighting an architecture for 5G/E4.0. Cognitive science and AI as a service were my key points. Edge computing, slicing, latency and the ever increasing relevance of data centres.

The floor was than open to participants who were immensely dedicated to the future of AI. Banking, Education, Venture Capitals, Geodata.

I would like to thank the organisers hosting this great event, and the valued participants sharing their knowledge.